The Philadelphia and San Francisco classes each form close bonds within the campus, but they also interact in numerous ways, increasing your network and options.
Our East and West Coast EMBA students have ample opportunities to mix whether it’s through their international class trip, taking electives on the other coast, Global Modular Courses, or telepresence.

Here’s an edited transcript of a video with Vice Dean Peggy Bishop Lane discussing some of those opportunities:

I think mixing the populations is important for us. This past year, our second-year class in San Francisco took it upon themselves to take advantage of the opportunity we give students to move across coasts to take classes.

We had more than a dozen students from that class come out to Philadelphia and take classes during the fall semester. And then we had about half that many [East Coast students] go out to San Francisco. I really see the long-term benefit of that. Just a few months ago, our social chair in Philadelphia invited the entire second-year class from San Francisco to come to their graduation party gala.

Many of the San Francisco students said, “Hey, who wants to go? Let’s get a sign up and we’ll organize travel together.” That kind of friendship developed because they were able to interact with each other. That is the secret sauce in terms of getting them together. That’s what’s really going to be a community builder.

Posted: September 28, 2015

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