Faculty Engagement

Wharton is committed to building and sharing the knowledge needed by individuals, businesses, and public institutions to excel in the evolving global arena. Through faculty research, exchange, and institutional partnerships, we are creating and growing global business knowledge.

Faculty International Seminars

The Faculty International Seminars (FIS) take groups of faculty to selected countries where they could have first-hand exposure to business issues related to their research and teaching. Past seminars have traveled to India, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Myanmar, and Thailand. Faculty interact with colleagues at partner universities and business and political leaders in each country.

FIS forward the school’s agenda for globalization of its curriculum and faculty research profile by facilitating faculty exposure to business issues in different parts of the world.

Global Initiatives Research and Teaching Materials Program

The Global Initiatives Research Program facilitates faculty research related to global, cross-border or regional issues, including the management of multinational firms, competing in international markets, the interdependence of financial markets, cross national studies of entrepreneurship, understanding differences in buyer behavior across cultures and countries, contrasting manufacturing practices across countries, and more.

As part of Wharton’s commitment to knowledge generation and dissemination in a global context, we are also soliciting proposals to create new teaching materials or to adapt syllabi to include more material that addresses two kinds of issues:

  • Application of key theoretical ideas or analytical tools in a cross-border context, or discussion of how the ideas would change as applications moved from a US-based context to a global context.
  • Creation of teaching materials that are anchored in geographical contexts other than the US and are highly meaningful to the objectives of the course.

The Wharton Global Faculty Development Program

Each year Global Initiatives hosts the Wharton Global Faculty Development Program which assists in the professional development of young scholars outside the U.S. to focus on learning to publish in the leading academic journals in Management and related areas.

The mission of the Wharton Global Initiative

  • Global Research
    Creating, codifying, and disseminating knowledge about effective management in a global environment.
  • Global Education
    Providing all of our students with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives they need to become effective leaders and managers in a global environment.
  • Outreach
    Disseminating knowledge about management to the global business community.
  • Educating Business Leaders
    Serving the educational needs of talented individuals in significant regions of the world.
  • Global Alumni Network
    Fostering vital alumni communities around the world.
  • Social Good
    Benefitting society in regions of high need through business education and research.

Contact Wharton Global Initiatives

Email global.initiatives@wharton.upenn.edu