Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #49 — “The Art of Product Management” with Sachin Rekhi, ENG’05, W’05

Product managers drive the vision, strategy, design, and execution of their product.

In this Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop, Sachin Rekhi, W’05, ENG’05, former Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, shares lessons he learned over the last decade on the art behind each of these dimensions of product management.

A serial entrepreneur and product leader in the Bay Area, Sachin has spent the last decade developing innovative products in Silicon Valley. He started his career at Microsoft as a product lead on Visual Studio, Microsoft’s developer tools platform, then he founded Connected, a professional contact manager, in 2010. LinkedIn acquired the company in 2011 and relaunched it as LinkedIn Contacts.

Sachin went on become head of product for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s flagship offering for sales professionals, and Director of Product Management. He left LinkedIn in 2015 and has been using his experience and expertise to advise early-stage startups on product strategy, design, and growth.

Posted: April 22, 2016

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