Wharton Faculty in Myanmar and Thailand

With support from the Wharton Tanoto Intiative, the 2014 Faculty International Seminar traveled to Myanmar and Thailand. Professors David Bell, Janice Bellace, Eric Clemmons, Ezekiel J. Emmanuel, Pinar Yildirim, and Harbir Singh met with scholars and leaders, during a 2014 Faculty International Seminar to Myanmar and Thailand, visiting Bangkok Dusit Medical, Bank of Thailand, CP, PTT, Siam Commercial Bank, Siam Cement Group, and others to observe the economy and culture at work.

The team on a river boat on Aruyttha, Thailand.
The team on a river boat on Aruyttha, Thailand. Photo: Eric Clemmons
Janice Bellace and Pinar
Professors Janice Bellace and Pinar Yildirum. Photo: Janice Bellace
Eric Clemons
Aruyttha Historic Park, Thailand. Photo: Eric Clemmons
Palace in Bangkok
Palace in Bangkok. Photo: Eric Clemmons