Video: Undergrad Leadership Venture to Iceland

Video created by Christian Hoogerheyde, W’11, student venture coordinator of the Icelandic Trek.

Iceland is every bit as exotic as you might imagine—snowy peaks, icy glaciers, geysers, hot springs, huge waterfalls, deep lagoons, vast valleys, and exciting mountain terrain. Animal life is vibrant and unique—Icelandic horses, puffins, and whales abound. This leadership venture will include several carefully linked components—we’ll undertake a social impact project with a leading Icelandic nonprofit organization, hike among spectacular hills and hot springs, learn the skills of glacier travel, work together to reach inspiring mountain summits, and hone collaborative team-leadership skills. While this trek is a good physical and mental challenge, it’s not extreme, and no special training, gear, or expertise is required. In addition to the social impact project work, which is integrated into our daily activities throughout the week, 2011 activities included hiking, caving, natural hot pools, glacier travel, a challenging climb to the summit of a major snow peak, and horseback riding.