Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop #48 — “Getting your Mobile App Done – A Session for Managers and Entrepreneurs” with Zornitza Stefanova, WG’05

How do you build a mobile app? This is among the most frequently asked questions in large and small organizations looking to reach their customers wherever they are.

In this Wharton Entrepreneurs Workshop, BoomerangSF  Founder and CEO Zornitza Stefanova, WG’05, talks to entrepreneurs and business leaders about the team, tools, and process necessary to build your app — from developing product requirements to hiring a mobile team to measuring success.

She demonstrates examples from recent app development efforts, including stories, requirements, and designs, and also talks about ways to control a project’s scope and costs.

A seasoned product expert and an entrepreneur, Zornitza Stefanova spent decades in leadership positions in product management and software development at venture-backed startups.

She is the founder and CEO of BoomerangSF, a San Francisco-based product strategy and software development firm that has built mobile apps and web service applications for large as well as startup companies since 2010.

Posted: January 15, 2016

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