Pivot Health is a data analytics company that improves hiring for health organizations and ultimately patient outcomes.

The Elevator Pitch

Pivot Health, founded by Tony Campos, WG’16, is a digital hiring solution for underrepresented healthcare talent. By utilizing data and technology, Pivot Health reduces the time to hire, determines better predictors of fit to decrease attrition, and lowers the administrative cost of hiring. With an initial focus on nursing, Pivot Health’s curated talent platform is the hiring solution for health organizations.

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Underrepresented Healthcare Professionals

Unfilled vacancies mean that patients are not getting the care or attention that they need, so by making the hiring process more efficient, Pivot Health can make an impact on patient outcomes. In addition, underrepresented groups (minorities, LGTBQ, veterans, etc.) all require different forms of care based on their past experiences and future health requirements; therefore, Pivot Health wants to connect nurses that represent the patients they care for. By focusing on underrepresented groups, Pivot Health can increase the level of patient comfort and ultimately help to improve the disparate outcomes so prevalent in minority communities.

As of the last census, the population of Latinx in the U.S. is 17.6% as compared to 4.0% for the nursing population; for African-American it is 13.3% (population) to 9.0% (nursing population); for Native Americans it is 1.2% (U.S. population) to 0.4% (nursing population); LGTBQ population 10 million adults (4.1% population) identified versus <0.5% nursing population.

A Data Analytics Company That Does Hiring

Pivot Health want to be a data analytics company that does hiring. There are so many data sets to leverage — EHR proficiency; population density/ethnicity; psychometric testing; personality tests; salary data based on geography, clinical experience, specialty to close the pay gap; patient satisfaction surveys (HCAHPS & Health Grades); continuing medical education (CME) data; malpractice information; intrinsic data from how employer reviews profiles; social media data, etc. — all to help predict better “fit.”

Healthcare costs have soared and nearly 50% of all hospital budgets are related to salary and the cost of hiring (onboarding, training and staffing fees). With more data, hiring managers can make better informed hiring decisions in less time. Right now, the incumbent staffing firms are sending candidate resumes and charging 30% for their services. It is time to integrate data and technology into the process so that health organizations can find a better fit candidate.

What’s Next

Pivot Health has launched an MVP and in the process of signing a large health system in CA. They have signed contracts in place with smaller clinics. The goal is to have some form of contract in place to improve hiring for health systems by the end of 2018 in CA, NM, AZ, NV, WA for the medium to large health systems. The procurement process in healthcare is very slow, but eventually Pivot Health wants to expand into the largest health systems of states with high underrepresented groups across the country.

Posted: August 27, 2018

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