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The first joint-degree program in international management, the MBA/MA Lauder Program prepares future business leaders by integrating the Wharton MBA with an MA in International Studies from Penn’s School of Arts & Sciences. Students become part of a small, tight-knit community passionate about international management issues and global studies.

The MA in International Studies includes advanced language study and an international course sequence in the humanities and social sciences. The nine languages and corresponding regions available for study are Arabic (Middle East); Mandarin Chinese and Japanese (East Asia); French, German, and Russian (Europe); Hindi (South Asia); and Portuguese and Spanish (Latin America). Lauder also offers a new Global Program for multilingual students.

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Posted by Randal Drew, WG’17, G’17, an MBA-MA candidate at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute. He is a member of Lauder’s Spanish Language and Culture Program. Like every history-loving traveler, I’d like to go back in time to experience the past in person. I’ve often imagined, like OwenRead More

Lauder Students Discuss Hindi Program

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One Wharton program not only assists worthy recipients financially, it affords students the freedom to pursue their professional passions, on campus and beyond. If you ever need a reminder of how a macroeconomic event can tear through the microeconomic level, consider the case of Jorge Mazal, WG’14. In late 2001,Read More

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