Global Business Week for MBA for Executives

Global Business Week takes Wharton MBA Program for Executive students inside individual companies and industries abroad, giving them an overview of the broader economic, political, social, and cultural factors that influence business opportunities and practice. The capstone to the required core courses, this required seminar focuses on how firms and industries operate in an international context and in particular a context different from the U.S.

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How Do Wharton EMBA Students Gain Global Perspective?

An important part of Wharton’s EMBA program is the focus on global perspective. Students get this through classes both on campus and around the world as well as from each other. Here’s an edited transcript of a video with Vice Dean Peggy Bishop Lane discussing some of those global EMBA opportunities:Read More

New Format for International Seminar in Indonesia

“We would travel literally [only] two miles to visit a company, and it would take over an hour. It was mind-boggling,” says Brad Line about his Wharton International Seminar in Indonesia last September. Transportation may have been unbelievably slow, but this nation of about 17,000 islands is urbanizing at breakneckRead More

Executive Students SpainExecutive Students Visit Spain

This year, second-year executive MBA students had four options for their International Trip: Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, and San Francisco. Raj Bharti, a student at Wharton | San Francisco and managing principal of Collaborate Consulting in Seattle, WA, said his international trip to Spain was “amazing.” Having recently returned fromRead More

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