Global Initiatives Research and Teaching Materials Program

The Global Initiatives Research Program facilitates faculty research related to global, cross-border or regional issues, including the management of multinational firms, competing in international markets, the interdependence of financial markets, cross national studies of entrepreneurship, understanding differences in buyer behavior across cultures and countries, contrasting manufacturing practices across countries, and more.

As part of Wharton’s commitment to knowledge generation and dissemination in a global context, we are also soliciting proposals to create new teaching materials or to adapt syllabi to include more material that addresses two kinds of issues:

  • Application of key theoretical ideas or analytical tools in a cross-border context, or discussion of how the ideas would change as applications moved from a US-based context to a global context.
  • Creation of teaching materials that are anchored in geographical contexts other than the US and are highly meaningful to the objectives of the course.

Recent Stories

skyscraperHow Much Do Investors Care About Macroeconomic Risk? Evidence from Scheduled Economic Announcements

Wharton author: Pavel Savor [with Mungo Wilson, Oxford Univ.] Stock market average returns and Sharpe ratios are significantly higher on days when important macroeconomic news about inflation, unemployment, or interest rates is scheduled for announcement. The average announcement day excess return from 1958 to 2009 is 11.4 basis points versusRead More

This photo taken on April 21, 2011 showsLand and House Price Measurement in China

Wharton Author: Joseph Gyourko [with Yongheng Deng, Natl. Univ. of Singapore; Jing Wu, Tsinghua Univ. & Natl. Univ. of Singapore] This paper reports the first results and summary statistics on conditions in Chinese land markets using new data based on auction sales from 2003-2010 in 35 major cities. The typicalRead More

steeringwheel-webEfficiency Gains from Removing Entry and Price Controls: Evidence from a Change in Regulation

Wharton Authors: Katja Seim & Maria Ana Vitorino This paper investigates empirically the role of Portuguese deregulation in shaping the structure of local markets for driving instruction and competition among driving schools. We develop a framework that integrates quality and price competition among horizontally and vertically differentiated driving schools. WeRead More

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