Treks to Japan, Kenya, Cuba, Philippines

During 2015 Spring Break, Wharton MBAs dispatched to Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean on treks for cultural exploration and recreation.


As soon as the Obama administration loosened travel restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba, students at the Wharton Lauder institute decided to explore the country’s sights and culture of this jewel in the Caribbean. With United States beginning to ease restrictions and restoring diplomatic relations with the country, Cuba has the potential to become one of the largest markets in the Caribbean. With that in mind, the Wharton School is organizing a conference in New York to discuss the Cuba Opportunity. For details, click here.

Cuba Trek


The Wharton Japan Trek is an annual tradition where the school’s Japan Club leads a group of over 150 students to the country and gives them a taste of the local economy and culture. During this Spring Break (March 7-15, 2016), students visited the Toyota Headquarters, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and several other companies in addition to sightseeing in Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Japan Trek


Humphrey Oleng, W’15, led a group of over 30 students to his home country, Kenya, this Spring Break. The group visited national reserves, parks and museums while savoring pilau (spiced rice) and dancing to the local beats.

Kenya Trek


Any Ugarte, W’15, led a trek to his home country, Philippines, this Spring Break, accompanying 50+ students to an adventurous trip through the country’s hills, waters and beaches.

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