Lauder Students Look at Gastronomy and Global Cities

On May 9, Lauder students launched Gastronomy and Global Cities. It is a website  that helps identify and locate up-and-coming cuisines by geography, including the best restaurants. The site has resources and insights for restaurateurs and developers, as well as general travelers.  

The Gastronomy Team at The Lauder Institute Master of International Studies dual-degree program with The Wharton School spent the summer of 2012 interviewing chefs, restaurateurs, city planners and other stakeholders in the world’s best restaurants in Dubai, São Paulo and Singapore. The project was initiated to fill a gap between gastronomy and academic discourse and create an investigative study about the implications of and on globalization for the many stakeholders in food-related businesses and those affected by them across the world.  The purpose of this project is to gain a better understanding of how gastronomy and globalization are interconnected.

The Lauder students conducted in-person, on-site interviews with executive chefs, restaurateurs, and gastronomy/tourism departments in the targeted cities. They also compiled data on 200 more cities to identify four factors that influence a region’s gastronomical success: the presence of fusion cuisines,  numbers of meetings or conferences per year, number of hotel rooms, and numbers of air passengers. Participant Lisa Lovello explained the project in a Bloomberg Businessweek article.

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Visit the Gastronomy and Global Cities site >> 

Orignially Published by Knowledge@Wharton January 2, 2013 as part of The Lauder Global Business Insight Report 2013: Building Blocks for the Global Economy.