GMC Visits Israel’s Start-up Culture

By Sarabjeet Singh, WG’15

At universities in Israel, technology goes from lab to the field at a speed unheard of, in several other parts of the world. Israel is not just a developed country but one that has the highest per capita R&D capabilities, resources and investment. With just over seven million inhabiting this small land mass, the country has built a culture of innovation that is an example for any nation. Israel is a leader in data, security and computer intelligence, areas that are defining the next phase of growth across industries.


At a recent Global Modular Course (called Lessons in Israeli Innovation) held at Tel Aviv University, I met local technology giants that have built a global reputation and are selling to clients around the world. In spite of the serious conflict in the region, Israel has managed to incubate companies that are now critical to the US economy. What’s their secret sauce! What we learnt it is the mandatory training in the armed forces through which allows young people to work in the technology divisions of the defense forces while pursuing science and engineering education at the best universities. Once they graduate from the most prestigious divisions of the army, they build companies and start products and services that are now growing the country’s GDP.

Being in Israel was both humbling and motivating. Post the course, I visited other parts of the country to experience the culture.