Building Global Supply Chains With Global Modular Course in Japan

global modular course japanBlending Wharton classroom concepts with international immersion, Wharton Global Modular courses expose students to new experiences—from Versace’s Milan headquarters in Italy to behind the wheel of a Nissan on a test track in Japan.

“During a Global Modular Course, we’re not watching a video, we’re not reading a case—we’re actually talking to the managers in depth and touring their facilities,” says Morris Cohen, Wharton’s Panasonic Professor of Manufacturing and Logistics. “We put these elements together in an appropriate context, ensuring that the course isn’t just a range of visits, but a cohesive learning experience.”

Cohen taught the new course “Global Operations (Supply Chain) Management in Japan” with John Paul MacDuffie, an associate professor in the Management Department. The six-day course focused on global supply chains operated by Japanese corporations and multinational companies operating in Japan. Through course materials, lectures, conversations with managers and site visits to some of Japan’s leading companies, students examined the dynamics of global competition and how various organizations are responding to shifting global markets.

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