Global Modular Course Looks at E-commerce in India

By Sarabjeet Singh, WG’15

It’s hard to believe how a country can change so much in a year. I grew up in India before moving to the US for Wharton. As a Teaching Assistant for a Global Modular Course, Technology and Entrepreneurship in India, held in Bangalore during Dec 28 – 31 this past winter, I got to listen to and meet the who’s who of the booming e-commerce industry in India. The four day course saw the likes of the founder of Flipkart (India’s largest e-commerce company), the General Manager of Uber Bangalore and early stage venture investors.


In just a few years, e-commerce in India has grown by leaps and bounds and some say is responsible for internet adoption on mobile phones. The likes of Flipkart and Myntra are seeing over 75% of their buyers making purchases on the mobile phone, something that was unimaginable a couple of years ago. The fast penetration of cheap smart phones (from companies like Xiaomi) and affordable data on the phone are few factors responsible for this change. India saw a few billion dollars invested in technology startups in 2014 – highest since 2010.

The India story is real and it’s happening right now. I was excited to run this Global Modular course and expose students from Wharton and the local Indian Institute of Management to this burgeoning industry that will create thousands of jobs, some billionaires and inspire millions of professionals to start companies.