June 29, 2015
Lauder Students Discuss Hindi Program

By Lauder Hindi Language and Culture Program, Class of 2017 Neha Goel, Manu Mohan, Nidhi Shah and Aroon Vijaykar Misconceptions about India’s multiple languages abound, ranging from the belief that the most widely spoken language in the country is called “Hindu,” to the idea that India’s hundreds of languages areRead More

June 4, 2015
Why Private Equity Needs to Venture Beyond BRICS

The world is never short of crises. Whether it is another incursion of the radical Islamic group ISIS into a new city or an escalation of the conflict in Gaza, the globe can be a dangerous place. Investing in emerging markets especially during tumultuous times is not for the faintRead More

Aravind Eye HospitalMay 14, 2015
Wharton Global Health Volunteers in India

By Gordon Phillips, WG15 If the purpose of clubs at Wharton is to provide memorable out-of-the-classroom experiences, then the Wharton Global Health Volunteers (WGHV) gets my seal of approval. I guess it is not much of a surprise, seeing as I have been a Board member for one and aRead More

Zee CEO Punit GoenkaMay 6, 2015
Zee CEO Punit Goenka: ‘Youth Is the Fastest-Growing Audience’

A time of transition is always difficult. But Punit Goenka has managed successfully because he looks upon his father — who founded Indian media and entertainment company, Zee Entertainment, of which Goenka is now CEO — as his guru. He will be successful, he says, the day his father thinksRead More

April 13, 2015
Global Modular Course Looks at E-commerce in India

By Sarabjeet Singh, WG’15 It’s hard to believe how a country can change so much in a year. I grew up in India before moving to the US for Wharton. As a Teaching Assistant for a Global Modular Course, Technology and Entrepreneurship in India, held in Bangalore during Dec 28 –Read More

Indian City StreetApril 7, 2015
Global Immersion in India

Posted by Lawrence Cole, WG15 After wrapping up my first semester courses and visiting my parents in Florida for the Christmas holiday, I boarded an Emirates Airbus A380 en route to Mumbai for the 2-week Wharton Global Immersion Program (GIP) in India. The GIP trips combine an on-the-ground education inRead More

February 10, 2015
Wharton Fellowships Pay It Forward

One Wharton program not only assists worthy recipients financially, it affords students the freedom to pursue their professional passions, on campus and beyond. If you ever need a reminder of how a macroeconomic event can tear through the microeconomic level, consider the case of Jorge Mazal, WG’14. In late 2001,Read More

Exekial HernandezOctober 8, 2014
How Immigrants Can Influence a Firm’s Foreign Expansion

In a new paper titled, “Finding a Home away from Home: Effects of Immigrants on Firms’ Foreign Location Choice and Performance,” Wharton management professor Exequiel Hernandez examines the relationship between immigrants and the foreign expansion of companies from their home countries. Knowledge@Wharton asked Hernandez to summarize his research and discussRead More

Deepti Doshi
Building Indian Grassroots Movements

Deepti Doshi, C’03, W’03, almost feels the need to defend herself to fellow believers of the free market. Here she is in Mumbai, India, founding and running an organization that some might question as “socialist,” after getting a master’s in how to lead popular uprisings, for all intents and purposes,Read More

April 30, 2014
India’s New Wave of Private Equity Investments

In February, the $174 billion Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) announced that it was getting into a strategic alliance with India’s Piramal Enterprises to invest in residential projects across the country. The two partners will make an initial contribution of $250 million each. “India is a key long-term growthRead More

March 13, 2014
MBA Forum Addresses Non-resident Indian Entrepreneurs

Some 25 million people of Indian origin do not live in India, according to the country’s ministry of overseas affairs. The Indian government recognizes them as People of Indian Origin (PIO). A high-profile subset of this group (though, strictly speaking, it is a classification for tax status) is the Non-residentRead More

February 14, 2014
Hot Money’s Fast Exit Cools Emerging Markets

Capital flight from emerging markets has been accelerating in recent weeks ($6 billion alone in the week ending February 5). Turkey is the poster child, but the exodus is also happening in India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and others – mostly from equity markets. This “hot money” is moving outRead More

February 11, 2014
Reporting From a Winter ‘Classroom’ in India

I was drawn to the Wharton Global Immersion Program (GIP) as my first major trip at Wharton largely due to the fact that I am a huge history geek and am keener to explore the site of an ancient palace and learn about its significance in the world than toRead More

November 21, 2013
The Bazaar Brunch

On October 6, 2013, the Penn Club of Mumbai and the Wharton Club of India were proud to host The Bazaar Brunch. Open exclusively to Penn and Wharton alumni and their families, the Bazaar served as a platform to encourage and promote entrepreneurship from the Penn and Wharton community inRead More

Emerging-market Investing: Will the Roller Coaster Ride Continue?

Stocks in emerging markets have had a tough time this year, plunging during the first six months and leaving many investors shaken as heart-stopping drops punctuated a post-summer recovery. Some investing pros have argued the best times for emerging-market investing are over, citing factors like the inevitable end of theRead More

November 7, 2013
Building Wharton’s Brand in India

The timing was ideal—coming on the two-year anniversary of Wharton’s first open-enrollment program launched outside the United States in India. To date, about 300 business leaders throughout India have participated in Wharton’s Accelerated Development Program (ADP). It’s not surprising that India is a strategic destination for Wharton. As an emergingRead More

October 25, 2013
Emerging Markets Lose Their Punch

It’s been a good 10-year run for fast-growing emerging markets. But now many of them face severe economic imbalances and slowing growth built up during the go-go years. Those structural flaws could be papered over in good times, but they have finally undermined sustainable strong growth, and the cracks areRead More

July 18, 2013
Emerging Market Multinationals: New Giants on the Block

It has for some time been a truism that if you want to see the division of world power, you need to look beyond the map of nation-states. A slew of multinational corporations have annual gross incomes that exceed the GNP of entire nations. Moreover, though they don’t have aRead More

May 8, 2013
India’s Young Emerging Consumers at Global Modular Course in Mumbai

Last winter break, I took a three-day Global Modular Course in Mumbai called Marketing to the Indian Consumer. The aim of this course was to help Wharton students understand Indian consumers better. Having been born and raised in Kolkata in India, I have always been interested in learning about IndianRead More

Lipman Family PrizeApril 29, 2013
Lipman Prize Winner Uses Community Libraries to Create Social Change in Rural South Asia

The 2013  winner of the second annual Barry & Marie Lipman Family Prize is READ Global, an international non-profit bringing together education, enterprise, and community development through libraries that create lasting social change in rural South Asia.  Announced April 24, the 2013 Lipman Prize winner was chosen from over 115Read More

April 15, 2013
Access or Profits? Drug Patent Rulings in India Fuel the Debate

The first week of April produced two enormous setbacks for multinational pharmaceutical companies trying to make their mark in India. On April 1, the Indian Supreme Court denied patent protection for Glivec (spelled Gleevec in the U.S.), a cancer drug made by Novartis that is patented in nearly 40 otherRead More

AsiaApril 8, 2013
‘Needs Improvement’: Despite Progress, India’s Primary Education System Has a Ways to Go

This article was written by Archana Gelda, Vinay Narayan, Meghana Mudiyam, Karan Raturi and Nikhil Seshan, members of the Lauder Class of 2014. A strong education system is the cornerstone of any country’s growth and prosperity. Over the last decade, India has made great strides in strengthening its primary educationRead More

April 3, 2013
New Global Strategy Program in Mumbai

Wharton Executive Education has launched new global strategy program designed to help Indian executives navigate the complexities of growth in foreign markets. Developing a Global Strategy, which will be held in Mumbai June 4-7, 2013, is designed for general management executives in multinational firms or in firms that aspire toRead More

October 12, 2012
Largest Slate of Global Modular Courses Announced

In response to strong student demand, Wharton is offering 13 Global Modular Courses – its most ever — in 2012-2013.Read More

Sammit Ghosh, WG'74August 20, 2012
Building a Microfinance Business on Three Pillars

How one alumnus is making a positive social impact with an innovative, global company based in India.Read More

Wharton Global Health Care VolunteersAugust 6, 2012
Gallery: Global Health Volunteers in Madurai, India

During summer 2012, Wharton Global Health Volunteers (WGHV) worked with the LiveWell Institute of Rehabilitation in Madurai, India, to grow operations in rehab facility from 12 to 35 patients in residence. View more photos on the WGHV Facebook page >>

India Economic ForumApril 22, 2012
Gallery: Momentum and Insight at India Economic Forum

Indian business leaders convened at the 15th Wharton India Economic Forum, a student-run conference broadcast on CNBC. Read More

MBA Exec GMC ParticipantsApril 3, 2012
MBA Exec Students Dive into Global Modular Courses

Executive MBA students make up 40% of Global Modular Course enrollment, choosing South Africa, China, and Brazil as learning destinations. Read More

Aravind Eye HospitalFebruary 6, 2012
Gallery: Global Health Volunteers Consult with Eye Hospital in India

In 2010-2011, a team of four first-year MBA students in the Wharton Global Health Volunteers (WGHV) consulted with Aravind Growth Strategy Project, spending ten days on the ground in Madurai, India, working with a branch of the world’s largest eye care system ( View more photos from WGHV Facebook pageRead More

October 28, 2011
Faculty International Seminars in Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, and India

Wharton faculty witnessed some of the largest and most dynamic economies in the 2010 and 2011 Faculty International Seminars, as a multidisciplinary cohort of faculty met with local colleagues, alumni, and business leaders to seed research and collaboration. An important part of the school’s agenda for globalization of its curriculumRead More

January 8, 2011
Gallery: Global Modular Course and Global Consulting Practicum in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, India, Exec MBA students met studied health care innovation and worked with consulting partner teams in person. Read More