September 22, 2015
Penn Wharton China Center Hosts Silfen Forum

On Thursday, Sept. 10, Penn President Amy Gutmann hosted the David and Lyn Silfen University Forum in Beijing, convening a panel of renowned figures in conversation on the roles of China and the United States in the world. Gutmann led panelists General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.), United States secretaryRead More

South East AsiaSeptember 21, 2015
How China’s Slowdown Affects ASEAN

The economic slowdown in China and accompanying volatility in its financial markets is wreaking havoc in many parts of the global economy as the country’s demand for commodities and other manufacturing inputs wanes. Many countries in East and Southeast Asia are on the front lines of this shift and wereRead More

June 29, 2015
Undergrads Win Case Competition in Hong Kong

A team of four undergraduate students—Ryan Chen, William Howoong Chun, Larry Fan (all Wharton seniors) and Shilpa Kannan (a senior in the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology)—took on the world and won. Along with faculty representative, Marketing Professor Keith Niedermeier, they bested 18 university teams representing five continents atRead More

June 4, 2015
Why Private Equity Needs to Venture Beyond BRICS

The world is never short of crises. Whether it is another incursion of the radical Islamic group ISIS into a new city or an escalation of the conflict in Gaza, the globe can be a dangerous place. Investing in emerging markets especially during tumultuous times is not for the faintRead More

Penn Wharton China CenterMay 27, 2015
Events Set the Stage for PWCC’s ‘First 100 Days’ Celebration

On March 10, the University of Pennsylvania announced the opening of the Penn Wharton China Center in Beijing, China. The launch was marked with a series of weeklong events to kick off to the first 100 days of Center events. More than 250 Penn faculty, alumni, friends and family, includingRead More

Trans-Pacific PartnershipMay 20, 2015
Trans-Pacific Partnership Rewrites Rules

Twenty-one years after the enactment of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the debate over free trade has risen to the top of the U.S. political agenda once again, this time in the form of the looming Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a 12-nation trade bloc that would bring the UnitedRead More

May 14, 2015
How Do Wharton EMBA Students Gain Global Perspective?

An important part of Wharton’s EMBA program is the focus on global perspective. Students get this through classes both on campus and around the world as well as from each other. Here’s an edited transcript of a video with Vice Dean Peggy Bishop Lane discussing some of those global EMBA opportunities:Read More

Dean Geoffrey GarrettMay 7, 2015
Dean Garrett: Seeing the Light of the U.S.–China Relationship

Don’t be fooled by all the negative economic headlines about China these days—slower growth, tougher times for western firms and renewed talk of trade deficits and currency manipulation. The rise of China is a boon for the American economy for two reasons lots of people don’t know about. First, ourRead More

Morris CohenMay 6, 2015
Is the Reshoring of U.S. Manufacturing a Myth?

There’s been a flurry of news reports suggesting that U.S. corporations are bringing overseas manufacturing back to the United States, notably from China. The reason for the reshoring: As labor costs rise in China and other emerging markets, the advantages of lower wages recede. But new research by Morris Cohen,Read More

Professor John Zhang, Dean Geoffrey Garrett, and Managing Director Jeff BernsteinMay 4, 2015
Penn Wharton China Center Launched

The University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School celebrated the opening of Wharton China Center (PWCC) in Beijing, China, with a day full of events on March 10, 2015. The Center serves as a valuable resource and vibrant gathering place that will enhance learning and research opportunities to the benefit ofRead More

GMC China Factory VisitApril 30, 2015
Supply Chain and New Economy in China GMC

By Anjali Bhatia, WG’15 The “Made in China” tagline has soared through the last two and a half decades. From 1990 to 2015, China has gone from producing fewer than 3% of global manufacturing by value to nearly 25%. By the mid 1990’s, China’s total exports totaled to around 60%,Read More

April 29, 2015
EMBA Student in China, Japan, Spain

When Raj Bharti ( @Raj_Bharti ), managing principal of Collaborate Consulting in Seattle, WA, was researching executive MBA programs, he was particularly interested in gaining international exposure and broadening his global perspective. At Wharton San Francisco, he found that the ability to customize his education allowed him to participate in multipleRead More

April 6, 2015
Dean’s Global Conversations in Hong Kong, London, Miami

Dean Geoffrey Garrett’s continuing Global Conversations tour hit Hong Kong, Philadelphia, New York, and London so far in 2015, with stops planned for Miami, San Francisco, and Boston. The Global Conversations Tour presents a series of dynamic exchanges led by the Dean and alumni from across industries and areas of expertise. TheseRead More

Faculty International Seminar in ChinaFebruary 18, 2015
Faculty International Seminar in China

It was visiting companies in China, says Wharton’s Mark O. Winkelman Professor Tom Donaldson, that made him realize how important “the wall” was in China. The Great Wall? No. A display of photos showing company executives alongside Chinese government officials often hung near the executive offices. “That’s important [to ChineseRead More

Jiyu Lin in BeijingJanuary 28, 2015
Undergraduate Semester Abroad in Bejing

By Jiyu Lin, W’15 Exactly one year ago today I was en route to Beijing, about to experience the most formative four months of my young adult life. I had chosen to dedicate one semester of my college career to studying at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management. I arrivedRead More

October 8, 2014
Wharton Senior Turns a Senior Project into an International Start-Up

Co-founder Jason Gui, W’13, EAS’13, traveled to China after graduating to work with manufacturers By Jill Castellano for the Daily Pennsylvanian Throw your coffee away, because one Penn senior design project will soon hit the streets to help you perform daily tasks with optimal efficiency. Vigo helps its users stayRead More

Global Forum Beijing
Global Forums Spark Conversations

Business responds to the dynamics of global markets. Issues of regional interest now reach around the world. Wharton’s Global Forums are responding to these changes by showcasing the topics–and sharing the opportunities–that keep alumni informed. Wharton’s recent Global Forums include: June 12-14, 2014 | Beijing, China October 10-11, 2013 | Paris, France MayRead More

Shanghai Stock Exchange
Private Equity in China: Heating up, but ‘Veiled in Uncertainty’

The outlook in China for private equity (PE) investors to earn acceptable returns remains uncertain following the recent reopening of the initial public offering (IPO) market after a 15-month freeze. Wharton experts predict tough days ahead for PE investors in the country as price wars for attractive investment opportunities threatenRead More

May 21, 2014
Global Forum in Beijing

On June 13-14, 2014, the Wharton Global Forum Beijing will explore the theme “Growth Through Innovation.” The Forum draws on the expertise of internationally recognized scholars and business leaders who will discuss how to spark, cultivate, implement, and sustain innovation. Areas of focus include financial markets, technology, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare,Read More

February 14, 2014
Hot Money’s Fast Exit Cools Emerging Markets

Capital flight from emerging markets has been accelerating in recent weeks ($6 billion alone in the week ending February 5). Turkey is the poster child, but the exodus is also happening in India, Indonesia, Brazil, South Africa and others – mostly from equity markets. This “hot money” is moving outRead More

February 10, 2014
Will an Integrated ASEAN Region Challenge China?

China’s status as the global darling for foreign investment and trade is facing some competition these days from Southeast Asian nations that, while small, are forming an increasingly important economic bloc. Though the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, comprises a market of 610 million people — lessRead More

November 14, 2013
Why High Land Prices in China Are Not a Bubble

Land prices in China have been rising very rapidly; the growth has been as high as 16% per annum over eight years. This has been caused by both demand and supply factors. While it’s not realistic for this rate to continue, don’t expect a slump either, says Wharton real estateRead More

EMBA Students Explore Business and Culture in China

Second-year EMBA student Jessie Feng, an associate director at PricewaterhouseCoopers, helped organize the International Seminar trip to China for Wharton | San Francisco executive MBA students. I’m from China and organized a committee to pitch China as the destination for our International Seminar trip, which follows our core courses Competitive Strategy and GlobalRead More

October 25, 2013
Emerging Markets Lose Their Punch

It’s been a good 10-year run for fast-growing emerging markets. But now many of them face severe economic imbalances and slowing growth built up during the go-go years. Those structural flaws could be papered over in good times, but they have finally undermined sustainable strong growth, and the cracks areRead More

July 25, 2013
As China Changes, So Do Global Supply Chains

When Chinese workers detained U.S. businessman Charles Starnes for a week in June, it was because he wanted to move some of his operations from China to cheaper India. More significantly, it was symptomatic of Western companies’ struggles with rising Chinese wages and a strong renminbi. Recent research conducted byRead More

July 18, 2013
Emerging Market Multinationals: New Giants on the Block

It has for some time been a truism that if you want to see the division of world power, you need to look beyond the map of nation-states. A slew of multinational corporations have annual gross incomes that exceed the GNP of entire nations. Moreover, though they don’t have aRead More

June 27, 2013
Global Modular Course Looks at China’s Health Care System

China’s health care system is ailing, and the prognosis for a cure in the near future is not good. Wharton health care management professor Lawton R. Burns recently returned from Beijing, where he and Gordon G. Liu, professor of economics at Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management, co-taught a four-day Global ModularRead More

June 20, 2013
Israel and China: The ‘Odd Couple’ Trading Partners Tighten Their Ties

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid an official visit to China this May, he brought along not just a group of senior Israeli officials but a delegation of Israeli business executives eager to expand trade and broaden ties between their country and the world’s most populous nation. The twoRead More

May 30, 2013
Charles Tseng, New Chair for the Executive Board for Asia

Philadelphia, PA—The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce the appointment of Charles Tseng as Chair of the Executive Board for Asia.  Tseng received his MBA from Wharton in 1979 and is President, Asia Pacific for Korn/Ferry International, a worldwide provider of talent and leadership consulting services. HeRead More

May 6, 2013
Film Director Ang Lee: ‘Telling Stories Is a Quest for the Meaning of Life’

The questions in this interview were contributed by Lauder students Charlotte McAusland, Michael Wu, Ying Wang, David Cummins, Kevin Lam, Jeanne Chen, Lane Rettig, Edward Wu and Justin Knapp, and Theresa Jen, director of the Lauder Chinese Language and Culture Program. Ang Lee’s first choice of profession was acting. ButRead More

AsiaApril 22, 2013
Apple’s Foray into China — and the Mind of the New Chinese Consumer

This article was written by David Cummins, Sydney Liu and Alice Yeh, members of the Lauder Class of 2014. “For China, the sky’s the limit …,” Apple CEO Tim Cook noted last year. “I’ve never seen so many people rise into the middle class who aspire to buy Apple products.Read More

AsiaApril 3, 2013
Dating in a Digital World: Trends in 21st Century China

This article was written by Ying Wang, Sanghoon Kwak and Jake Whalen, members of the Lauder Class of 2014. Wandering into the main gate of People’s Park, a large public gathering space in the heart of Shanghai, one might think he or she has stumbled upon a bustling flea market.Read More

AsiaMarch 11, 2013
‘An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove’: Challenges Facing Chinese Female Managers

This article was written by Emma Gow, Justin Knapp, Katherine Littlefield and Yinyin Wu, members of the Lauder Class of 2014. Chinese female executives face a variety of management challenges in a traditionally patriarchal society — including discriminatory hiring practices, balancing the different needs of both male and female employees,Read More

February 12, 2013
Land and House Price Measurement in China

Wharton Author: Joseph Gyourko [with Yongheng Deng, Natl. Univ. of Singapore; Jing Wu, Tsinghua Univ. & Natl. Univ. of Singapore] This paper reports the first results and summary statistics on conditions in Chinese land markets using new data based on auction sales from 2003-2010 in 35 major cities. The typicalRead More

AsiaJanuary 30, 2013
Consumer Credit in China

This article was written by William Hart, Thomas Kidd, Lane Rettig and Nicholas Walker, members of the Lauder Class of 2014. “I’m a little embarrassed.” Liu Jing leaned in closer and lowered her voice, revealing for the first time a hint of discomfort since the topic of credit cards hadRead More

HuaweiDecember 19, 2012
Huawei: A Few More Years of Living Dangerously

In 2012, Chinese companies ran into plenty of turbulence as they flew in the face of mounting U.S. anxiety over their global aspirations. Early in the year, Chinese solar and wind energy firms found themselves in the crosshairs of U.S. trade complaints. This summer, President Obama barred a Chinese companyRead More

JapanNovember 28, 2012
Japan’s Economy Set to Slip Under the Waves

It will likely take a new financial crisis in Japan — something that may befall the nation in the short run — for the country to finally make the economic adjustments needed to pull out of its long-time downward spiral, says Wharton finance professor Franklin Allen. That downward spiral latelyRead More

Oil drumsNovember 20, 2012
Slippery Negotiations: The Give and Take of Oil Contracts in Foreign Countries

When oil prices spiraled much higher in global markets between 2003 and 2008, the governments of several oil-producing nations — including Algeria, Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Russia and Venezuela — responded by expropriating local assets of independent oil companies that had contracted to operate in their territories, or by imposing largeRead More

More Questions Than Answers: Assessing China’s Leadership Transition

Capping months of public speculation and behind-the-scenes political maneuvering, China’s 18th Communist Party Congress officially ended on November 15, setting the stage for a new roster of leaders who will rule for the next decade and China’s leadership transition is completed. As expected, Xi Jinping succeeded Hu Jintao as theRead More

October 12, 2012
Largest Slate of Global Modular Courses Announced

In response to strong student demand, Wharton is offering 13 Global Modular Courses – its most ever — in 2012-2013.Read More

July 28, 2012
Wharton | San Francisco Student Reflects on China Trek

Each year, second-year Wharton EMBA students spend a week abroad examining how businesses develop and implement strategy in a competitive global context. While that trip is the culmination of their International Seminar, it’s not uncommon for students to organize additional treks to gain further insight into the economic, political, socialRead More

2012 China Business ForumFebruary 18, 2012
Gallery: Tradition Meets Innovation in Wharton China Forum

Financial markets, housing prices, clean technology — talk of China’s most pressing issues dominated the 9th Annual Wharton China Business Forum, “Tradition Meets Innovation.” The event was held in Wharton’s Jon M. Huntsman Hall on February 18, 2012. Managed by Wharton China Business Society, the student-run conference attracted approximately 200Read More

June 22, 2011
Gallery: Executive Education Goes to Beijing

Wharton Professor David Reibstein addressed Chinese executives in Beijing as part of Wharton’s Global Engagement Series. Read More