Cold, Tired and Hungry: A Tribute to Wharton Leadership Ventures

atacama3_-_center-449x300It all started with Cotopaxi in January 2012, during my first year at Wharton. Toward the end of that school year, as I became a freshly minted Venture Fellow (VF), I sat in a Huntsman Hall classroom listening to outgoing VFs rattle off their prior expeditions and wondering how I, too, could amass such a collection. Since then, I racked up a few more ventures: Kilimanjaro, FDNY, Quantico and, most recently, Atacama, which was my yearlong labor of love as a VF.

The Leadership Program at Wharton fundamentally shaped who I am, and the Wharton Leadership Venture (WLV) program in particular was bar none the best activity I pursued over the past two years as a Wharton MBA student. So before I re-enter the real world, I feel it important to pay tribute to the program and share some of my reflections.

The mission of Wharton Leadership Ventures is to develop leaders who excel in stressful and ambiguous environments. Regardless of whether I was on a weeklong international expedition or a shorter immersion on U.S. soil, I learned something new on each venture. All told, I emerged with profound lessons and meaningful relationships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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Originally Published June 19th, 2013 by Wharton Magazine